Court Street Grocers

Snack: Court Street Grocers (brooklyn: 485 Court Street)

Stopped by for a quick snack and tea. They have a large selection of fresh sandwiches and prepared foods… a must try for next time!

Prime Meats

Weisswurst traditional german white sausage served with sweet mustard & pretzel roll


Butternut Squash quark, apples, nutmeg


Brunch: Prime Meats (Brooklyn: 465 Court Street)

The service for brunch was very slow…slow to order, slow to come out. The sausage was juicy and flavorful. The soup had nice flavors but was a bit watered down.

Torrone Strega

Italian Treat: Torrone Strega

Honey nut candy covered in dark chocolate… yum!

Pastiglie Leone

Italian Treat: Pastiglie Leone

These Italian candies come beautifully wrapped in old fashion paper and sealed with a gold sticker. Inside you’ll find tack sized sugary treats with hints of chamomile.


Lunch: Beechers (Flat Iron: 900 Broadway)

One of my favorite lunch spots in the neighborhood. This shop specializes in in-house made cheeses. With this cheese they make great grilled cheeses and tomato soups! The combo sets you back a bit at around $14.00…but is well worth it. Perfect rainy day treat!


Lunch: Choshi (Grammercy: 77 Irving Pl)

Wednesdays at Choshi: Unadon Lunch Special
miso soup, salad, rice, grilled eel and pickled vegetables… $11.00

Note. They accept credit cards but they seem to always over charge, double charge or add extra on gratuity. Its better to pay in cash here.


Lunch: Financier (east village: 2 Astor Place)

Grabbed a quick sandwich and tea from Financier. I’m usually not a fan of pre-made sandwiches but this one was not too bad. Also teas and coffee come with a madeleine.

Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain


Evening Treat: Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain (513 Henry Street, Brooklyn)

Traveled back in time at Brooklyn Farmacy. This charming shop offers all things sweet, classic and good. I had the “hot flash float” (hot chocolate with pistachio cardamom ice cream) I will be dreaming about it till I return.


complimentary bread and ricotta


spaghetti alla chittara: hand cut pasta, goat sausage, chilies, aged caprino


Lunch: Avoce Columbus Circle (columbus circle: 10 Columbus Circle)

My favorite part about Avoce is the complimentary ricotta and bread, if I could I’d just come here for that. The pasta however is excellent. I’ve never been disappointed here. 

cafe gitane

Lunch: Cafe Gitane (nolita: 242 Mott Street)

I used to love Cafe Gitane, however its been awhile since I’ve been back. I’m sad to report that I’m a little disappointed. I had the cous cous with chicken, however the chicken was really dry and over cooked. It might be a bit before I come back here.

peking duck house

peking duck


general tso’s chicken


sliced beef with scallops



Christmas Dinner: Peking Duck House (chinatown: 28 Mott Street)

Had a really nice Christmas dinner for a great value! $35 per person gets you a soup, appetizer, peking duck and two entrees of your choice. 


Afternoon Snack: Bird Bath (soho: 160 Prince St)

City Bakery’s Birdbath Bakery satisfies all my cookie cravings. If you’re a ginger fan the ginger cookie will surely make you happy.

barney’s: gaga’s workshop

candy from papabubble


chocolate lips from SweetBliss


Afternoon Fun: Barney’s Gaga Workshop (upper east side: 660 Madison Avenue)

Loved all the edible treats in Gaga’s candy shop!


Bay Scallop Crudo croccante di maiale, avocado, pickled onion, preserved lemon


Brussels Sprouts: red onion, smoked pumpkin seeds, dried cherries


Malloreddus: wild boar ragu, pecorino romano


Cranberry tart with ricotta cheese ice cream


Dinner: Dell’anima (west village: 38 8th Avenue)

The menu changes constantly and the food is always delicious. The best seat is at the chef’s counter where you can watch all the magic happen.

cafe sabarsky

Glühwein hot spiced red wine, unsweetened, orange & cloves


Käsekrainer Mit Sauerkraut & Röstkartoffeln: smoked bratwurst stuffed with cheddar cheese served with sauerkraut, roasted potatoes & dijon


Brezen & Handelmaier’s soft pretzel served with händelmaier’s mustard




Erdbeer - Hollunder Mousse Torte layered strawberry - elderflower mousse cake


Lunch: Cafe Sabarsky (upper east side: 1048 Fifth Avenue)

I just recently found out about this German cafe located in the the Neue Galerie. For a cafe its pretty fancy, the crowd is older but the food is great. Definitely order the sausage and finish with the apfelstrudel… you won’t be disappointed.